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Ashrita Gandhari


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Who is Ashrita Gandhari

Ashrita, an Indian-American teenage researcher, activist, and speaker, has been actively involved in STEM since the 6th grade, participating in events such as eCYBERMISSION, Science Fair, and Technology Student Association events. Her passion for science continued to flourish during her high school years.

During her freshman year at TJHSST, Ashrita made significant strides in the field of medical technology. She developed an Ocular Disease Diagnosis AI Model named A-Eye as part of the MIT Medlytics program. Collaborating with fellow STEM enthusiasts, she played a key role in creating DEEPSEAS, a real-time AI surveillance system designed for marine protected areas, incorporating both hardware and software components. Her collaboration extended to working with Cambridge-area physicians and experts to develop models for diabetes detection, identification of irregular sleep cycles, and detection of lesions in bodily tissues.

As a sophomore, Ashrita demonstrated her innovation in the field of reproductive health. She created LetoHealth, a web tool that utilizes AI/CNNs as an accessible and cost-effective method for evaluating the viability of embryos based on factors such as embryo morphology, quality, and implantation potential. Her exceptional work earned first place in the microbiology category at the Virginia State Science and Engineering Fair in 2023.

As a Research Intern at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Ashrita collaborates with medical professionals and undergraduates on a research project titled Prediction of Pathological Complete Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer Using Deep Learning with Integrative MRI and Radiology. She contributes to advancing the understanding of breast cancer treatment outcomes.

Ashrita is a vocal advocate for the ongoing artificial intelligence revolution, emphasizing the significance of STEM education for youth and the promising role of AI in medicine. She extends her expertise to various committees, championing the cause of science and research.

Throughout her life, Ashrita has been an enthusiastic reader and speller. Participating in spelling bee competitions since 1st grade, she achieved notable success, reaching 32nd place in 4th grade. Ashrita concluded her spelling bee journey at 14, securing the 7th place at the Scripps National Spelling Bee in 2021.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Ashrita finds joy in playing tennis. She has been a valued member of both junior varsity and varsity teams during middle school, and she continues to engage in tennis whenever time allows.

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