Ashrita Gandhari

Ashrita Gandhari




Ashrita founded SAHAYA, a non-profit organization committed to uplifting community members by empowering them to lead healthy, independent lives through the provision of educational and other resources. Her commitment to this non-profit organization arises from a desire to support marginalized girls in realizing their educational dreams and cultivating a life of dignity. Through SAHAYA, she has facilitated scholarships for numerous students in India, raising donations and contributing her own prize money from spelling bees and science fairs.

Beyond her role at SAHAYA, Ashrita is passionate about creating a world where all children, regardless of their backgrounds, have access to STEM learning, unlocking their potential to become future scientists. She has shared this vision on the TEDx stage, at conferences, and during STEM workshops for youth.

Scholarship to a girl student at Gundaram Govt High School, Nizamabad, Telangana, India, 2021

Ashrita devotes her time to volunteer work at the Loudoun Literacy Council, a nonprofit organization situated in Loudoun County. Within this capacity, she imparts English lessons to non-native speakers, with a particular emphasis on empowering individuals from low-income backgrounds, especially women, girls, and refugees, to improve the quality of their lives. Through this role, Ashrita not only contributes to making a positive impact but also gains a unique gateway to explore and appreciate diverse cultures.

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